Les projets de Madame Duckworth et d'autres:

1. Glogster.com
Le Glog de Madame Duckworth et un autre Glog.
Click here for some wonderful Glogs en français (to enlarge, hover over pink "Glogster" title, then
click "View full size". May not work in Firefox if on a Mac. Works in Safari.)
Click here and here and here for instructional videos.

2. GoAnimate.com
Les GoAnimations de Madame Duckworth:
Matt le Magnifique, episode 1
Matt le Magnifique, episode 2
Matt le Magnifique, episode 3
Matt le Magnifique, episode 4
Rodolphe le renne au nez rouge
Click here for a step-by-step tutorial. Click here for a demo video. Click here (takes a while to load) and here for tutorials.
Click here for some other great GoAnimations en français.

3. Voicethread.com
Les trois petits cochons
La routine de la journée
Voicethread tutorial (Scroll down)

4. FlipSnack.com
Un livre fait avec FlipSnack. (Make a Word document first, save as a .pdf file, then upload with FlipSnack.)
Un PP (converted to .pdf)

L'hiver (made with ComicLife, then Flipsnack)
Les trois petits cochons
Veux-tu danser avec moi?

5. LinoIt.com
Mon lino it

6. MyEBook.com
Mon EBook

7. http://www.tripline.net Make an interactive map of your travels. Click here for mine (Make sure to click on "Full screen" and then click on photo thumbnails to enlarge). Click here for lots of video tutorials.

8. iMovie: "Capucine"

9. iMovie trailer
2 more examples by Melinda Larson
Ce que j'ai fait pendant l'été
Club de français

10. Photostory slideshow
Password: Marya
(This is in English because I made it for my sister!)

11. Click here for a great site on digital stories.

12. Storybird is a fabulous site for making digital stories. Click here for a "Louis la grenouille" version of "Matilde la sorcière". Click herefor a "Comment y aller" version with le Pere Noel.
Click here and here for students samples in French.
Click here for a video tutorial.

13. Pencil is a free animation software that enables you to make animations such as this animated movie review for "Romuald et Juliet", made by a U.K. high school student. Click here to watch a video of her describing how she made the animation.

14. Powtoon

Ma famille

Les projets de mes élèves:

1. GoAnimate
2. Un autre GoAnimation!

Mon Glogster


1. GoAnimate
2. Un autre GoAnimation!

Powerpoint "Ma famille"

Mon Glog


Grant S.

Jack R.
Mon Glog

Grant S.